Monday, 21 November 2011

Doodle Doodle Away..............

I have finally finished my pages in my Art sketch book that I use for my Year 8 class.  It is approx A3 in size and took me several evenings by snatching a few minutes here and there. It is definately a pick it up and put it down kind of activity. 
I found it very therapeutic.  Does anyone remember the large doodle art pictures you used to be able to get?  My Mum did several of them, they were quite popular birthday presents in our house for a while.  We had a really impressive wall hanging of a stone urn with loads of flowers in it.  Mum spent hours adding colour and it was really effective.  Whatever happended to them?
I have found that using a permanent black pen first to outline your pattern works well.  Then when you add your felt tips the black lines do not smudge into the colour areas.
Where do I get my ideas from?  Nowhere really I just start doodling in one corner and keep going.  I put it down (usually to do something really fun like the washing!) and then pick it up again and carry on.  Having an inspiration helps I suppose,but I was having a go at Zentangles before I discovered Romero Britto as part of the Art project.
I really do want to do something else with this but it will have to wait as I have a lesson observation this week plus other deadlines to meet.  I have completed a Christmas swap but want to wait until my partner receives my parcel before I post it. 
Go on, dig out those felt tips or borrow some.


Barbara said...

I love your doodles and all of the brignt colors!!

Hugs XX

picciolo said...

I love the bright colours you have used!
: )

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