Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Felt Flower Corsages Galore!

On Monday there was a great deal of activity in my classroom as 22 students all got to grips with making some layered felt corsages.  They were given a large sheet of shapes from which they could choose from plus a box of felt, sequins etc.  I showed them how to make a corsage which I feature in a post further down this blog.
They were encouraged to use decorative hand stitches and to look through a very large tub of buttons (this proved to be a very popular distraction for some!).
It was interesting to watch the ideas develop.  Usually students are asked to design an item in advance.  With this project I wanted the students to 'design on the go' and have a more spontaneous approach.  This did throw a few for a bit, but they did get going in the end.
Sorry, this picture has decided not to co-operate.  We decided to stick to three layers so that a basic sewing needle could get through easily.
With each group that I have (especially when they are all girls) there tends to be a colour 'trend' which sweeps through during a project like this.  In the past it has been either, purple, lilac and more recently pinks and yellows.
So far I had not found a group colour and I am pleased as they are picking colour schemes that they personally like and not following each other.
I included my corsage in the display that we have made of all of the lovely flowers.  The background has green paper and paper stalks have been added to the display board.  Then using dressmakers pins I carefully pinned a flower at the top of the stalks.  I shall try and take a picture tomorrow.  We were so busy creating the display that I forgot.
Next week are moving onto ruffled and gathered corsages.  This is all part of an on-going accessories project to build up hand skills and confidence in making small things independently.  The two above are the first ones completed.  
There is so much planned for this group I do not think that there will be enough weeks to do it all.  Just the motivation and distraction that I need at the moment.
What do you think then?  Not bad as they are only 13/14 years old.


Tatkis said...

What a lovely flowers they did! Great work!!
And it's always good to have a wonderful teacher, interested in subject :)


Stephanie said...

Great flowers, really brightandfun. I really need to work with felt! It is something I havenever done.

wonderwoman said...

I think they are all brilliant! X

Toffeeapple said...

They are turning out well, it must be such a boost to the students, to feel that they can make things and not have to rely on someone else.

Twiggy said...

I think they are great, lovely use of colour. Our school are starting a sewing club for 6 - 9 year olds - should be good fun !!
Twiggy x

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