Saturday, 12 November 2011

At Long last..............

......after many attempts I have finally taken part in a Craft Fayre that was actually successful!
It was at a venue that I have been to before but not for at least a year.  Maybe they missed me!
I had a constant stream of people buying such a variety of items that I could not give a best seller for the day.  I do think that I have come to a conclusion though.
I will take part on some of these craft Fayre's but only a couple of times a year, at major holidays for example.  I will take only small items and leave the bigger items for Etsy.  I do need to look at my Folksy shop and decide whether to keep it or shut it down. 
I sold quite a bit today and i have updated my Etsy shop as a result. I also have some items to list which I made during the Summer and put to one side.
I think that the next one for me will be Easter 2012 so plenty of time to sort myself out.
If you have a few mins do pop over to my Etsy shop and see what is there over the next few weeks.  Some postage costs have been removed for UK buyers.  For overseas buyers if multiple purchases are made postage will be adjusted.
Tomorrow is Sophie's party for 5 of her friends.  I have made the cakes tonight and need to decorate them tomorrow.
I shall let you know how it goes.


Toffeeapple said...

Well done, I'm glad that it worked out for you. Looking forward to Sophie's party!

The Garden Bell said...

Great job. Sounds like a fun time ws had.

wonderwoman said...

Welldone you! Having done craft fairs in the past i know how tricky they can be! Xx

Tatkis said...

Great news! Congrats with your Fayre!


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