Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A summer Holiday begins

We arrived in Seaford in time for tea and then decided to walk off dinner along the sea front.  This was the sunset that greeted us.  Lovely start to the holiday.
Hubby is working the next day so Sophie and I will wander round Seaford.
So the following day hubby drove of to Portsmouth and Sophie and I visited Toytown toy shop which is literally 50 yards away from where we are staying.  She found this cute felt kit and apart from putting a knot in the thread, Sophie made this herself, following the instructions as she went.
The felt flowers are pre-cut and the blue centre needed to be stitched with gold thread.
The other pieces are then stacked up.  Now Sophie, really is my daughter because just like my Mollie Makes kit, she wanted to change part of it.  Rather than having the red petals lined up she moved them to increase the petals that you could see.  A jewel needed to be stitched on and the thread went through the whole felt flower so that all of the layers were tight and secure.
The kit also had some elastic hair loops and the flower was attached to it using double thread and knotted off carefully.
There was enough in the kit to make two of these and Sophie was thrilled with them, she even went to bed with them still in her hair!  Ironic really, as she had got up that morning saying that she wished she had bought some hair ties with her.
Today (Tuesday) we decided to go the Lewes and visit some places that we really enjoy seeing once a year.  Firstly, we went to the Needlemakers in the hope of finding the vintage shop which usually has
boxes of buttons.  Sadly the shop had gone but I did stumble on a fabric shop that had these lovely old sewing machines on display.
I apologise if the pictures are not brilliant as I had to stand on tippy toe on a stool with the zoom full in to get these into shot as the display shelf was right up high by the ceiling!  There were one or tow that i had only seen in books.  Brilliant.
I struggled to get makers names, but the above machine name was very clear.  As for dates, I could research into this.  I want to show these pictures to my students in September so some background work will be carried out.  There were about 10 machines, I have not seen that many together all at the same time.
I would have loved to have had a closer look at these.  Aren't the ones shown above adorable!
The shop is called The Patchwork Dog and Basket in Lewes.  Worth a visit.  I bought some lovely fabric to finish off a quilt that I have been working on for some time.  I shall post about it once I get home.
 The weather here has been scorching.  I took a picture of the temperature gauge in the car!  I bit warm.  So off home for lunch.  Once the temp reduced a bit we then took Sophie to Eastbourne to Aqua Splash which is a play area with water involved.  She was on the go for over two hours and is now completely worn out!
We are not sure where we are going tomorrow, Brighton is looking high on the list at the moment.


Toffeeapple said...

Sophie does very well at crafting I think. Sounds as if you are enjoying yourselves.

CNA duties said...

Wow, that hair accessory is pure genius and adorable. Great talent in crafting.

Tatkis said...

Have a good holidays Andrea!
Sophie's flower loop looks wonderful, and all the sewing machines are so cute :)


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