Friday, 19 August 2011

Happy Post - ATC's July 2011

I had some happy post this morning which makes up for the bills etc that we found when we came from our holiday on Tuesday.
You may remember that I entered an ATC swap with lenna over at creative swaps and today the return ATC's arrived.  However, the first thing to catch my eye was the lovely stamps on the front of the envelope!
Plenty of blue here too which is the colour that I chose to use for my Colour My World ATC's.
Three lovely ATC's based on the theme of colour arrived.  Blue, green and pink.
This lovely card has been made by Sue E and is called "Tickled Pink" which is lovely.  In the UK we have a charity called Tickled Pink which raises money for Breast Cancer Research which I support so this is very appropriate.  There is so much on this card.  Very textiles based with braids, buttons and a stamped butterfly.  Lovely.
This card uses my favourite colour of Blue and was made by Barbara J from Wheaton IL.  It is called "Change of Seasons".  Very graphic design and I really like the textured paper which has been used.
Finally, a green ATC which is called "Seafoam Green" and uses lovely textured paper as the background and punched butterflies and leaves.  A yellow gem plus "Fly Free" written down the side.  I am flying free until 5th September when term begins again.
This card was made by Jo J from Indianapolis, IN.
Now, I have taken part in several different ATC swaps and nearly half have had the same surname of Johnson!  They are all different people, but still quite a coincidence I think.
I will now email these lovely ladies to thank them for their cards and put them in a file that I have for my ATC's.  Eventually I want to display them when I have collected a few more as I like to see work that has been sent to me and actually make items out of swaps that I receive.
Many thanks to lenna for organising yet another great Creative Swap.


BumbleBri said...

These are so beautiful! i wish I knew the first thing about creating cards...what are ATC? is it just a card made by an artist made specifically to trade or is it functional???

Tatkis said...

Beautiful ATS cards! Lovely!


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