Thursday, 21 July 2011

Opps I did it again........................

A nice calming picture of flowers needed for this post.

The week started with me having the first day off in 17 months to see the Doctor about a nagging hip. leg/back issue which is so painful at times it is like sitting on a sharp stick, can not stand and walking around work is ok but by the end of it I can only just get myself in the car to come home!

Tuesday was ok and no problems just need to remember to take the tablets that the Doctor gave me. Too much paper work and emails arriving for next year already. Wednesday was full of rain, in fact I think Tuesday was as well. I did mange to get to my little sewing group and I have started to make some nice light and airy cushion covers the brighten up the living room. No pictures to show just yet.

Today it was a walk to the cinema to watch Kong Fu Panda 2 with students who have won awards for achievement. The film was quite funny and the animation is excellent.

Walked back and the old leg was playing up again. People tidying their rooms and items being dumped in mine, but we shall not go there now.

Then disaster struck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My netbook fell off the table in its case, screen side down on to a hardwood floor...........................

The screen is broken in the left hand corner and a hair line crack goes up towards the top right hand corner. I can plug it into a flat screen at home but that is not very helpful at work.

Added to this after three years I decided to stop the monthly insurance payments only last Saturday! I should have seen this coming really I suppose. I am not sure if it has come into effect yet so we are going to go and see tomorrow.

I am not going to cry or get upset, it has been a long year and for most of it very stress free. I do have problems sleeping due to stress and I have not experienced this for over a year. So I am not going to let this ruin things.

My only problem is that my broken netbook is XP so is the network at work and practically all new netbooks are Windows 7. Could be a compatibility problem there but I shall have to get round it.

It is Friday tomorrow and the end of term. I have a stack of work to do as usual, believe me we do not have 6 weeks of doing nothing. In fact I am going into work next Monday and Tuesday because Sophie is still at school anyway. Then it will be off to sunny Seaford again for our holidays.

Do not forget to add yourself to the giveaway which ends on Saturday 23rd July. Lots of entries this time. Brilliant.

Take care



BumbleBri said...

dude, i am so sorry about your day :( i hope everything gets better for you. and i know people really hate hearing this, but the truth really is that everything will work out fine in the end! HUGS -- bri

Carol said...

Oh no, fingers crossed the insurance is still active.
Hope things soon get better for you.
Carol xx

Toffeeapple said...

What rotten luck, sod's law I think. I hope it works out for you.

Mom Walds Place said...

Oh the horror, the tragedy! It is still better for it to be broken than YOU. Good luck!

wonderwoman said...

Oh that is such a shame - i hope your hip gets better soon. being in constant pain soon brings you down no matter how hard you try to put a brave face on it. I hope you manage to have a bit of a break over the school hols!


Tatkis said...

Hope that you are feeling better now!
Take care, Andrea!


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