Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mollie Makes Issue 1

I realise that this issue has been out for a while but if you have not bought it yet or seen these magazines then you might like to pick one up when you next see one and have a flip through.
It features all things handmade and lots of ideas.  I have not subscribed, which is an option, as I already subscribe to Sew Hip, but I will confess that I have not missed an issue yet.
Sophie wanted me to try the apple cosies so that she can take one into school.  It is a crochet pattern so it may take some time.  Has anyone else made these up yet?
What initially caught my eye was this lovely little fox made from felt.  I have recently bought a little book on how to make felt creatures ( I will feature that another time) and he is really cute.  The fact that there are templates/patterns and instructions too are a bonus.
Many printers had copying facilities now or if they are 100% already then I like to trace them off so as not to cut up my mag.  Greaseproof paper for lining cake tins is a good thing for this. Comes in a long roll and is not too expensive.  There are several sets of patterns and when yo think how much books and patterns can be £4.99 may not be so bad once a month.  I do not smoke, and only drink a little.  I do not go out a great deal (crikey this is not sounding good is it?) and I tend to keep magazines like these so it is worth it to me.
Plus lots of lovely photography and up to date releases from designers such as Amy Butler.
So far each issue has had a kit on the front that the first issue had a felt mobile phone case.  My hubby has had to update his for work so I have been given his old one.  It is tricky to use, it clearly has more of an IQ that I do but I have promised to try and learn how to use it over the summer.  Anyway, this kit would fit it perfectly.  You have templates and you cut out the pieces following the instructions.
 I did change the appearance of mine to suit my taste, I did not bother with the circle of felt behind the bird as I did not feel that it needed it.  I also machined the two halves together to make it stronger.
I also added a small black brad for its eye which was not in the kit and used matching embroidery thread to put the bird on the front.
I enjoyed this little kit and the felt was quite think and plenty of it.  I had some left over to make a simple keyring if I wanted.
Well worth the money, it is printed on thick good quality paper and it is different to many of the other craft mags on the shelves at the moment.

My other issues are at home as we have arrived in sunny Seaford this afternoon, so hopefully some posts of what we are up to and places to visit should you come this way.
Have a good week.
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Twiggy said...

This looks interesting, I bought a few issues of Sew Hip and then stopped as I don't really make clothes - on my list of things to learn how to do!! However, think I'll take a look at this one. The mobile cover you made is lovely.
Twiggy x

Is it just me or....? said...

Did you know you can print the full size patterns off on on the Mollie Makes website!



Indigo Blue said...

Yes, I did know that they can be printed from the website. Tracing them off is easier when the dear old printer is not working! It seems to have a mind if its own at the moment. Hopefully it will have sorted itself out by the time we get back off holoiday! You can also subcribe for the magazine online too. It is often cheaper that way as well.

Tatkis said...

Wonderful magazine - full of ideas!
Hope to see apple cosy soon :)
And your phone case is lovely, combination of yellow and grey is very nice!


wonderwoman said...

thanks for that, never knew the mag existed and it looks like my cupa of tea!!


Jill Eudaly said...

my blog background is just from blogger..template. I didn't do anything specical to get it that I can remember.

Mollie Makes said...

What a lovely blog post! We are so pleased you are enjoying Mollie Makes and look forward to seeing more of your creations! if you are on FB you can link there or upload to our Flickr group.

Keep lovin' the crafty life!


essay said...

very nice!

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