Saturday, 30 July 2011

Etsy Up-Date

Over the summer I am going to be re-organising my Etsy Shop.   First up is my supplies section featuring hard to find sequin waste. I have had several enquiries which has kick started me into sorting it out.  There will be some new items which I have made and I shall be adding to the supplies section.  I am also working on some PDF's  sheets which you can buy and download to make up yourself.  My daughter loves making things so I will have a Kids section.  Could save your sanity during a school holiday.  The side bar of items has disappeared along with the link so use the link here or the smaller link in the side bar.  This will take a bit of time as there are over 50+ items which I want to change as well as some new ones.  I want to detash some bits too.  I started to do that using Folksy but nothing much happened.
  I am also off for a break for two weeks as well.  A much needed brain break then back to it when we get back. So do keep coming back.
Once that has been sorted out I intend on setting up a website again.  That is a longer job, but hopefully will be live in time for a certain event which takes place in December.  I refuse to type the word in July!  I think you all get the idea though.

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