Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Monster Mash - Meet Cardy

For the past few weeks I have been planning and making samples for three workshops that I am running at school this week. One of the workshops is to make Monsters. Ideally we would use recycled items but the number of students involved I would have to buy out a complete charity shop! So we shall recycle what we can and use fleece, felt etc where needed.

So this weekend I finished the above Monster, meet Cardy my new monster friend.
He was made using this cardigan. I felted it and to give you an idea of how much it felted I used to wear this when I was pregnant with Sophie! Just two hot washes is all it took. The sequins survived and so did the buttons.
I saved the buttons in my button tin for another day.
Sequins. It was lovely to cut and the felting gave it a firmness to create something strong
, a bag would have worked well. However, I needed a monster!
I used fur for the areas that you can see in white, a felt mouth and a "tooth" like button. Some more felt for the eyes. I cut the main body of the cardigan for his legs and the monster's body and the sleeves became his arms. I was pleased to get the stripes on his legs and arms.

He did not take very long to make, about 2 hours but I was not rushing.

Toffy seems to like him as well.
I hope to have some pictures of the student Monsters to show you tomorrow, if I have not collapsed in an exhausted heap!
OPAM 2011 finish for June

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Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Cardy is just so very cute...LOL...

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