Thursday, 30 June 2011

Creative Zips - Students work

This picture did not want to cooperate so it is at a funny angle but never mind. These are pictures of the accessories that the students made during the work shop. They had no idea what they were making until they turned up.

I bought a special pot of buttons and I did not know what type or colours there would be until it was delivered. The students loved them, all the colours that I dislike really, but I think that might be due to my age! They do finish off the centre of the flowers.

Some were attached to headbands, some were attached to clips or badge pins.

There were three different shapes of flowers to have a go at.

The loopy flower, which I thought they would find the hardest, actually turned out to be the one that they found the quickest to get to grips with.

It was a new concept for them and they were very good in that they went along with it. Once I had shown them the first one they went off and had a go and went out at lunch time with a handful of different items.

I shall show you how at the weekend. Been a busy week again and today I have had my letters printed for a big trip that I am organising in the Autumn term. Lots happening.


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