Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Am I drifting along?

It could be that time of year....but I am feeling a little restless, uncertain, frustrated and feeling a bit like a one -legged duck......going round in circles. I shall be taking a slightly new direction at work in September as I shall be teaching some art to Year 7 and 8. Do not fear, I do have an art background and I can draw a bit. I am actually looking forward to it as I do feel that I need a change, something new to get my teeth into so to speak.

Talking of getting my teeth into something, I am looking into re-starting my own website which I shut down about 4 years ago to concentrate on Etsy and Folksy plus, more importantly, Sophie starting school. The website provider was also very slow, problematic and I use to spend most of my evenings shouting at my laptop. Not good for the old stress levels!

After a couple of emails with the two lovely Julia's of Down to Earth and Marmalade kiss, I feel up to giving it another go.
Over the past (nearly) 4 years, I have been getting used to using blogger and coming up with ideas to put here, plus being asked to take part in the 2010 sew calender, appearing in an issue of Sew Hip and making many blog friends.

I like to blog as it makes me use my brain, writing a post takes time and thought to a certain extent, planning.

But is this blog just drifting along?

Do you like what is featured here? Is it any use? Interesting? Are the tutorials any good? Etc.

Comments have been small and I am wondering if I am posting items that are, dare I say it, boring, or a bit run of the mill.

What makes people want to add a comment? I like to leave comments to support ideas, other people, to keep tin touch with those who I have sent swaps to, have something in common with, etc etc. I have never actually met anyone via my blog, maybe one day I will. I find blogging less threatening than Facebook, although I may need to set up an account to support the website.

From a personal point of view, having this blog has been a good way of looking back. I looked up the before and after pictures of re-doing our kitchen which is just over a year ago, where has the time gone? For that reason alone blogging is fun.

Also logging all of the things that I have made and when you look at the dates thinking, crikey I made that quilt two years ago, I might be due to make another etc.

Sophie gets a kick out of seeing her makes featured here and I have even set up her own little section too.

I have learnt alot from craft blogs, which have pointed me in the direction of good tutorials, books, ideas, humour, laughter, an insight into other parts of the world and even sadness.

Maybe I amnot so adrift afterall. So I shall keep adding to this "online diary", although any feedback would be of interest to me as I am coming up to another blog anniversary and my annual blog building session. I changed the layout nearly a year ago and another change might be in order, keep things moving forward.

What are your reasons for blogging?



Daisie said...

I love coming to visit your blog and enjoy what I read. It is like you say though; an online diary, I've been blogging nearly four years and love to look back and think it's a great record for the children as they grow (am thinking of having it printed into a book when funds allow). As long as you enjoy keeping the record then keep going, I'll still come visit! x

clare's craftroom said...

I blog because I love our creative community . I use mine as a diary of sorts but also a way to keep in touch with other bloggers that I like . I enjoy your blog very much and visit here often but don't always comment .

Fenland Textile Studio said...

Hi. I have been reading your blog but hold my hand up and say that I haven't left a comment. I also have not been good at maintaining my own blog thsi year. No excuse really but life is very stressful at the moment. DS2 is going to secondary school in Spetember (still an ebd one). A big move for someone who finds change threatening and scary. I think you have a great balance of your work, Sophies work and what you are up to. I love your Cornish images especially. We are back in Devon the first week in August. We stay in Shaldon - is there a half way place if you fancy a meet up??

Twiggy said...

I hear you, I'm feeling a bit adrift myself at the moment, think it could be post holiday, back to reality stuff.
I'm ready for some big changes but they'll need some big organisation :)
I like to read your blog. I use mine to record family life really, I get a real buzz from watching Twiglet grow up online.
Twiggy x

Toffeeapple said...

I most certainly enjoy your writing and your makes. I hope you carry on and I shall continue to make comments where appropriate. I simply enjoy reading about where you have been and what you have been doing.

Julie said...

I will have been blogging for 4 years at the end of this month and have had several times of thinking I might give it up but I enjoy the sense of community and the kindness and support of all the friends, both cyber and real, that I have met since I took the first step of setting it up. I blog as a way of recording what I have been doing, somewhere to look back and to get feedback or solve a problem by asking for help or opinion. Also, by writing about a creative problem it often solves itself. I try to comment as often as I can but don't manage to on every post but I like to support others as I am supported on this creative journey. I enjoy visiting your blog for all the reasons above that others have shared.

Tatkis said...

I like you blog, Andrea! (I've bought some instruments for beading and hope to make a bracelet like yours ;))
I blog just two years, and was afraid to start my blog thinking that nobody would want to read it. But most of all, I write about my creations and my friends, and about my journeys for myself (and for anybody interested).


JuliaB said...

Hi Andrea. I know the feeling of drifting along etc., I hardly get any comments on my blog too .. I think people are just busy. Sometimes I think I will not bother, but it's for me more than anything, not anyone else ... If I wanted to be a pro blogger then it would be a whole different content and story I guess.. I like dipping into my google reader now and then and catching up with my old bloggy friends as well as some new ones but I don't have as much time as I used to. x

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