Friday, 27 May 2011

A very thoughtful gift

I came home from work to find a postcard from the Royal Mail saying that there was a parcel waiting for me at the depot.
The note saying"Live Plants" made all of the staff laugh and I thought that I ought to say they were garden plants, daises in fact.

Inside was this lovely card. Inside is a detailed list of what was in the parcel.

They were all very carefully packed inside, a work of art really and due to this all of the plants survived their trip from Yorkshire.

Carol very kindly offer to send some Ox- eyed daisies when I mentioned in a recent post that I have been looking for some. Little did I know that they would need travelling companions which included:

London Pride

Iceland Poppies

Perennial Poppies - Red

Perennial Foxglove

Black Hollyhock



Very much a generous gift which I am putting in pots to establish and then into the garden. Everything has grown really well in the garden over the past 12 months, so hopefully this time next year I will, at last , be on my way to having the little cottage garden that I would very much like to look after.

Thank you soooo much Carol. I still think that it is gestures like this from a lovely person who I have never actually met sets blogger users and visitors apart from other social network sites.

My hubby and I are very grateful.



Blogless me said...

Poppies are one of my most favourite flowers but they seem to be notoriously difficult to grow in a garden (as compared to wild fields). I'll come back and see how yours will do. If you are successful, I'll definitely consider trying out your supplier.
Good luck!

Indigo Blue said...

I had poppies in my garden at my last house and regretted not bringing a few with me, so I am hopeful that these will take to my current garden.
These plants were very kindly sent to me from a lady who visits my blog.

Pomona said...

What a beautiful parcel to receive! Your garden is going to look lovely.

Pomona x

Carol said...

You are very welcome, I get a lot of pleasure reading lovely blogs like yours, Andrea, and it is nice to be able to say "thank you". I hope they all thrive in your garden.
Carol xx

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