Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Up close and colourful......

Being half term I have quite a lot of things to do around the house that may otherwise get left during term time, so not much crafting so far. So I thought that you might like to see some pictures that I took last week. The above plant was growing in the school veg garden. Not entirely sure what it is though. No label either. Any ideas?
Twice a week I work either one to one or with a small group in another part of the school. Last Friday I was due to help a student with their photography work. Last time I did not have my camera and thought that next time I could have a go with mine to show encouragement.
The topic this time was to take 12 pictures close up using colour and then 12 close ups using black and white. We did not have long so we decided to tackle the colour close ups first. These are some of the ones that I took using my little Canon which has 4X optical zoom and 10.0 mega pixels. Does that make any sense to anyone? Hubby bought it for me for Christmas and has been constantly used.

I put the setting to close up which happens to be a picture of a flower and we then wandered around school looking for flowers as that was the theme that he wanted his close ups to be on. It was a very very sunny day and digital cameras are not easy to use on bright days, but we clicked away with our cameras and crossed our fingers. Some of the best pictures could be found in the school veg garden. I love the one above and it is fairly close to the colour of the flower. Often I find that purple turns out blue.

I had to get on my hands and knees by the maths department for this one! We think that most of the rooms were empty at the time. Exams on you see. I was really pleased with this one as there was quite a wind blowing and I had to keep still and click when there was a break in the breeze.

Lovely bright colours and the pollen really shows up in this picture. There were a lot of bees flying around this plant.

This was really good fun and the quickest hour I have spent in ages. I did take some more but I am going to use them for a little project I have in mind. I am going to take some more after half term and ask if I can borrow a black and white camera as you can not switch mine, unlike you can the school cameras. I have not yet seen how the student's pictures turned out but hopefully he will be pleased with his pictures too.

Another great day of weather today and Sophie and I plan to go to the park tomorrow.



Carol said...

I think the plant could be Angelica (herb, grows up to 6' tall).
Glad you had some nice weather, it has been quite cool here today.
Carol xx

jo said...

My favourite is the daisy, I love daisies ever since I was a child. Glad you had good weather, I was so cold yesterday even though the sun came out.

Indigo Blue said...

The temperature goes up and down everyday. Never know what it is going to be like!

Tatkis said...

Beautiful pictures, thank you so much for sharing!


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