Monday, 16 May 2011

A sunny day in the Garden

Due to yet another lovely sunny day, it was off to the garden centre again. I have been looking for a borage plant for over a year. I had pretty much given up too but one last look at Duchy Nurseries prove fruitful and I found my plant. Yippeeeee, in fact I found two plants! So hopefully my Pimms will be just that little bit more special.
I also bought this daisy plant. I have also been looking for some Ox-eye daisy's. Lovely large headed daisies. My search continuous.

We saw the above plant when we went to the garden centre last week.
It is called Senetti. It is a purple/blue and is gorgeous and within a minute of planting it I had bees on it. We are trying to attract more bees to the garden for the apple trees and fruit plants. Plan going well then.

The above plant is Cherry Red Argyranthemum which is a lovely plant with great shaped leaves. I think that I may be going back for another one of these.

The plant is called Blue and it is much more blue than it picture looks. I even managed to catch a bee with my camera. When we went to pay for this plant there was a bee on it and we had to carefully move it on to another plant. Sophie has offered to help look after these so we have read the tickets on how to care for them and this is now here job. She is really interested in gardening and getting involved. Hubby and I are not experts by any means but most things survive too.

Tip of the day?

How do you stop your plants from falling over in the boot? Put them in some boots. This is how the borage made it home, Hubby's idea!

You had to be there really but it was very funny and you know what? worked.

I also planted a courgette plant and a butter nut squash which I swapped for cabbages.

What is your favourite plant?

Take care this week and see you tomorrow.



Carol said...

How to pick a favourite flower - well, for me, there are SO many, snowdrops, hellebores, aquilegias, cosmos..... perhsp it is which ever I'm looking at at the time!
You bought some lovely plants, love the boot store!
I have rather a lot of Ox-eye daisies, I'd be more than happy to send you some small plants. I'll send you an email.
Carol xx

Indigo Blue said...

Oh Carol,
That is a very kind offer. I shall wait to hear from you.

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