Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Well, I actually wrote this post, posted it then it vanished from my Blog. So it is in fact Sunday 15th May today not what is says above. I which I knew where it had gone, oh well It took me ages as well. So I shall do it again but it may not be as long as the first attempt.

People feel differently about awards but I think that if someone who lives on the other side of the world has thought to include me then I shall be gracious enough to say thanks you.

Now, I will be honest as say that this was given to me a while ago, I said thank you at the time but other things got in the way of posting it such as losing the picture!

It was given to me by Molly. Molly makes lovely crochet items among other things so do pop over and take a look.

Molly also included some info about herself. I have done this before but it was ages ago and there are some new followers to this blog so some of it may be of interest. So....

1. I am left handed but I have to use scissors right handed.

2. Following on from that I knit and crochet right handed too.

3. I used to do archery and still have all of the equipment but not the time. Pity.

4. I teach textiles/sewing and I am carrying out a crusade to keep these skills alive, but it ain't easy!

5. I have an eight year old daughter and her best quote to date has been "Mummy I am the best thing that you have ever made!" Cute, eh?

6. I love to read and wish I could fit this in more often and I have a book mountain by my bed to work through gradually.

7. We have started our second year of growing our own and so far things have gone well. We planted lots of cabbages expecting most to die and guess what......they have all grown so we are giving them away and swapping for other veg.

8. We have two lovely cats that are a constant source of amusement which is possibly due to their vast age gap. The young whipper snapper and the grumpy old man.

9. I love baking and decorating cakes, mainly cupcakes as they are manageable and not too expensive to make.

10. I enjoy watching Desperate Housewives, harmless fun which does address a few of those annoying traits that you find in people.

Well it a again a lovely sunny day here in Cornwall so off to the garden centre for a couple of daisy plants I think.


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Julie said...

You might be interested in a Yahoo group that swaps ATCs in the UK. The web address is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MixedMediaATC_UK/ I'm supposed to be a member but haven't had chance to join in for ages. They're a friendly crew so enjoy!

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