Monday, 9 May 2011

Sophie's first Brownie Badge - Home Safety

Sophie had a first last Tuesday when she was presented with her first Brownie Badge! It is shown above and I think that all of the Brownies worked on this together. There was quite a bit that Sophie had to do over several weeks to earn this.

* Had to prove that she understood about safety in the home. She had to know what safe and dangerous things were such as keeping tablets out of the way of small children.

*Draw a room that was unsafe.

*Sophie then had to memorise some important phone numbers such as 999, Grandma and Grandad's number, home number, where she lived.

*Had to circle dangerous things on a picture for homework.

* At Brownies Sophie had a sheet of paper with dangerous and non-dangerous things and they had to circle the dangerous things and hand it in to the Brownie leader.

*Sophie had to make a game up with our own ideas to help little children learn how to be safe at home.

Then Mummy had to sew it on.

Surprisingly difficult to get the badge straight on a fabric that stretches and has been worn before It will do.

Sophie is now working out which one she would like to tackle next.

She took this really seriously and she really enjoyed the challenge of working towards this badge. I think she will benefit in many ways from her weekly brownie sessions.

Well done Sophie.



gill said...
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gill said...

Congratulations to Sophie!!
The first of many!!

Twiggy said...

Well done Sophie!! Twiglet is going to the Beavers in a couple of weeks time :)
Twiggy x

Pomona said...

Sounds like a really sensible thing to educate the Brownies about, and lovely to get a badge for it!

Pomona x

Fenland Textile Studio said...

Well done to Sophie. The badges have changed so much since I was at Brownies which was about 34 years ago!! I bet you are a very proud mum.

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