Tuesday, 17 May 2011

OPAM 2011- Corsage for Sophie

You can imagine the scene. Sophie sits down really close on the sofa and says "What are you doing Mummy?" I am checking my scraps of wool.

"Hmmm, right, are you going to do some crocheting then?"
I might Sophie why?
Long pause..............
"I was just wondering............."
Wondering what?
"...............If you could make me one of those flower things for my school bag?"
So watching The One Show Sophie sat (very close) next tome and chose the colours that she would like for her crochet corsage and I made it up for her while she watched really closely.

I love the fact that even with my limited crochet skills I can sit and literally whip up this little something which brought a huge grin and a bone crushing hug from a little girl who still thinks Mummy is just brill.
Roll on handmade, it is the best tonic ever!
Her friends loved it and I think it went surprisingly well with her school bag, which is quite patterned.


Carol said...

Very pretty corsage, great choice of colours. So lovely to read of the pleasure "handmade" brings and of time spent with Mum.
Carol xx

Chocolate Cat said...

What a special moment...a lovely corsage.

Sarita Boyette said...

I love it! In some of my favorite colors, too....
I was looking at your previous post and am not familiar with some of those flowers, but I have no idea what a borage plant is!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I have to say that the only thing better than the adoration of your children, is the sense of awe and love from grandchildren. My grandson didn't think I could have made his pjs one Christmas "because they have a label in them". Daddy explained that it had Grandma's name on them. Didn't matter. They were labeled, and THAT only happens with store-bought! lol So, last year, Grandpa took pictures of me making his pjs - from cutting out the pattern all the way to sewing in my label. He loved it!

Pomona said...

I think that is a lovely thing to do - she will really appreciate having a mother who can make things!

Pomona x

Tatkis said...

Sweet flower for a little girl!
The main thing is that you create something for her personally - it's so nice and touching!


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