Monday, 30 May 2011

Needle Felting

As a way of taking the edge off revising, I like to link in as many practical tasks as possible. learning through doing works better. So as part of their bonded fabrics my students had a go at needle felting.

As a base they cut out a shape that they liked using shop bought felt and then needle felted their own design on top.They then chose from a range of cross grain ribbon that I brought in and hand stitched a backing on with some stuffing inside to bulk it out a bit.They really enjoyed this, especially the freedom to do this by themselves. The dinner jacket was particularly inspiring and may have been partly due to the fact that they recently had their leavers ball. I also showed them the Janome embellishing machine but did not get any pictures. so I will come back to this another time as I really fancy one of these. Perhaps a birthday idea(?)

Sophie loves needle felting and seeing as hubby is going away again for a few days, I think some needle felting and other crafty things will be going on in the attic.

I was really pleased with the keyrings and after half term it will be Batik and Tie Dye for the younger group.

Off to my BIL birthday this afternoon. Sophie and I made some Rocky Road yesterday using a recipe from Nigella Lawson's Express book. We adapted it slightly. I now need to go and cut it up into mouth size bits after being in the fridge all night......wish me luck.


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