Friday, 13 May 2011

Made to measure shoes.......................

I found this on craftzine earlier this week. Clever are they not? I would never have thought of doing this. Not sure if the tape measure would rub after a while but these brought a smile to my face none the less.
At the moment I am searching through all of my Sew Hip mags for additional ideas for easy accessories to make with a largish group of youngsters in June.
I have found quite a few that I like, I may have to narrow it down a bit.
I like to make up an example or two because it gives the youngsters an idea of where to start and then hopefully go their own way with their own ideas.
I have a few more mags to look at whilst watching Tinkerbell on DVD ( for the millionth time) she is just about to save spring time!!
Enjoy the evening, the weekend is here.

1 comment:

clare's craftroom said...

Oh my gosh those shoes are amazing !

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