Sunday, 15 May 2011

Knitted and Crochet Summer Bag

The above is a happy accident! I was trying to crochet a flower and during round two it changed a bit so I kept going and it turned out like this. This flower led onto a happy project.
I did manage to sort myself out and made the flowers above.
Two of my students wanted to knit a bag so I found a pattern that I could understand (!) and we have been knitting away for ages. I did cheat a little by using bigger needles and thicker wool so that I could get further ahead faster so that they could "see" where they are heading.
I made the flowers using left overs from my recently finished crochet stripey blanket. It is lovely wool to use and glides over the hook really well.

To prevent the edges of the bag from over stretching I crocheted along all of the edges.

The happy mistake has been attached to a knitted flap which I decided to add to the bag and it acts as a weight to help keep it shut. I may add a large popper, but I am still thinking about this.

I arranged the flowers in the bottom corner. I stitched them on using matching wool by going over the central part of the flower and leaving the petals free, to give a more 3D effect.

Sophie kindly offered to model it for me so it does look a little big. Again, to prevent the bag from over stretching, I added a pink gingham lining, a summery fabric I always think. I continued the fabric along the handle as well, by slip stitching it on using ordinary sewing thread.

The girls are still working on the main body of their bags but I shall take this in on Tuesday for them to see the next stage. They have asked for blue fabric of which we have several to choose from.

I am now offically in between projects.

Then again I can feel some more of those crochet flowers being made.

What have you recently finished?



Pomona said...

Love those pink flowers - especially the happy accident! I always start more than I finish, but I have been able to post about some completions recently, which must be progress.

Pomona x

BumbleBri said...

This is adorable! I love the size of it! If I had the patience, I would totally make some super large bags to rock for myself. Super cute!!!

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