Thursday, 14 April 2011

Made by Sophie, aged 8

Following on from the cards I showed yesterday are Sophie's collection of cards. I donated some of the card blanks but everything else she placed and stuck down herself! She is only 8 but she concentrated and stuck at this activity for hours, with a break for lunch! She used a brad in the centre of the above flowers, I made the hole with a needle for her as I did not fancy a visit to A&E! These are little square cards which I intended to make a batch for work. Only got a few left as Sophie found this size easy to manage. I thought this grouped really well. I am trying to show her the odd number rule and positioning. She is a fast learner and can 'see' if it does not look quite right. She made the final choice as to where they were finally stuck. This cupcake is embossed and was created with a treat that we purchased at the beginning of the week, back to that later. The wording is from some found at the Range. Marvellous shop! Again, some of this has been made with some toppers that Sophie found at The Range. She backed it with a square of tissue paper. The flower is a little glittery too.
This one Sophie tried stacking up the images to create a 3D effect, her words not mine. Worked well although a tad of a squeeze getting it in the envelope. Looks good in the flesh too.
Sophie often disappears to her room and can be found cutting, sticking, and making cards but this was a deliberate sit down session all day and she was so pleased with what she made. They are both neat and well thought out.

Today our activity is to be SEWING. This will be cut short as we are off to see an amateur production of Alice in Wonderland, our friends are in it and we are going to see them for the afternoon before the performance. But we have all day tomorrow as well to look forward to.

I love school holidays, they are so much needed in this hectic world that we live in to actually slow down and catch up with what is really important, and for me it is spending time with Sophie.

What have you been making this week?


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Tatkis said...

Sophie will be a great card master! Lovely cards she made!

Best wishes,

Indigo Blue said...

Thank you.
We did have lots of fun making these.

Chocolate Cat said...

Wow! These are fantastic,Sophie definately has a talent for all things crafty. She has made a great job of her cards.

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