Saturday, 23 April 2011

29 degrees!!

29 degrees!! That was the temperature in Ely on Friday. Very hot indeed. The above picture is of Ely Cathedral from the park to the side of it. The sky was in fact much bluer than this picture suggests and the shade of the big tree I was standing under was lovely.
We went into a antique place called Riverside Antiques and I found what looked to be a wool winder. I saw another item which was labeled as a spinning wheel, and it was not, ho hum, never mind.
Remember Whimises that you could collect back in the 1970/80's? Well i gave my collection to Sophie and we found several here. Sophie bought some but I have not yet taken pictures yet.
I did not find anything at all, there were some very nice amethyst necklaces but rather pricey at the same time.
Outside was this rather unusual ice cream van and we all had a creamy "99" which was great in the heat of the day.

This is a lovely old house down near the river and is covered in a lovely wisteria. Gorgeous colour.

The river area was very busy both on and off the water. A bit home from home really.

The river and the surrounding fields were full of farm animals and wild life. Did not quite get the zoom right but those are cows in the background.

Willow trees are lovely and graceful and there are several along the river in Ely. We showed the barges to Sophie and explained that years ago hubby and I had gone with friends on a barge holiday near Evesham and manged to complete the Avon ring in a week. That was one of the best holidays ever.

We then had a walk around Ely and for the first time we took Sophie to have a look in the Cathedral. She was very impressed with the stained glass windows and she found a spot where the sun had shone in and was making multi-coloured light on to some of the stone. She loved that. The highly painted ceiling was given a "wow Mummy" when I asked her to look up.

She asked some very deep questions about churches and God and seemed happy with my answers and looked at everything.

The section that really made an impression was the memorial for fallen soldiers of World War one and Two. They were listed for the local villages and towns. They were on two walls and she had a bit of a job taking this in. Sophie looked at everything, did not run around and be naughty and knew that she had to behave properly (she brought this up, not me) unlike one or two other children.

It was then off to my parents for dinner.

We drove home today via Hobbycraft and a couple of purchases were made.

Easter tomorrow, so off to family for dinner. Hopefully this good weather will stay for a while yet.



Pomona said...

It looks like a beautiful day out - it was pretty hot here. Have a happy Easter, and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

Pomona x

potterjotter said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - we went to Ely a few years ago and really liked it. I remember a tea-shop where you can choose from about 1000 different kinds of teas? Anyway, the whole place must have been lovely in this Sunshine!

Lynn said...

Lovely pictures! The wisteria covered cottage is adorable!
Have a Happy Easter!

Lynn said...

Can I copy that pic of the cottage? I just love it so much, I might use it as my background. Let me know if it is ok.

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