Monday, 21 March 2011

Vintage Card Swap

I recently took part in a creative swap with Lenna. Due to work (as always) I have not been able to take part in one for some time. Once you commit to a swap you do need to see it through so I waited until I could submit my entry. In fact I was early with it. I did post about my entries some time ago.
My entries can be seen here.
Below are the cards which were sent to me in return.
The above is a lovely card which uses a range of papers. I love anything with flowers such as roses on it and the lace at the bottom is real, along with the buttons too. Created by Leslie.
This one also has lace as part of the design and a fabric swatch at the bottom. The colours tone in with the card above. Created by Trish.

The lace theme is continued with the final card. This lace looks vintage to me and the little girl has a delightful face. I wonder who she is? Created by Margriet.
Again, the colours blend in with the ones above. i think the selection that Lenna sent me has been thought about very carefully. I will now need to think carefully how I will present them. I have always displayed work that I have been sent as part of the creative swaps and hung them around my house. These lovely cards will also be displayed and put on show.

Many thanks to Leslie, Margriet and Trish for their lovely work and to Lenna for all of the hard work that goes into organising the swaps.



Lenna Young Andrews said...

You are most welcome, Marnie! I love the work of creative swaps . . . it is well worth it! Thanks so much for posting about what you received in trade. A lovely selection that I did try to select especially for you, something you would enjoy. : ))
Hope work permits you to join in another swap soon, I would love to have you!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

So sorry, Andrea!! I thought I was on a different blog!

Ally Johnston said...

Love the mouse mat it looks fab and the cards are so beautiful.

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