Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Quilting Journal - Part 1

This is quite a special little book. It was sent to me by SummerSadie who organised the first round of Quilt around the World Quilting Bee. It came as a big surprise in the post and it arrived with a lovely pencil too.

I decided that I would use this book to plan and collect quilt block ideas as at this stage I was very very new to this technique. Having only dabbled in it in the past.
My main thought was how to find quilt blocks that I could not only create but those which I actually understood HOW to create. Often I was put off by the final outcome looking simply too confusing.
So as I researched the drew ideas in this book, often adding colour to see how it would look and also logging the site where I found it for future reference.

On occasion the owner of one of the blocks coming to me would want a particular block design that they would have a link for or a layout to follow. So I would plan in out in my book first so that I had something to follow when at the sewing machine.

The above drawing is a lovely cottage.

I really enjoyed making this block and up to that point it was by far the hardest that I had ever tried.

I also used the book to record any blocks that I found which I liked and maybe one day would be able to try either for this Quilting Bee or another. I have added drawings, print outs, notes and measurements.
I must not forget the need for matching fabric and keeping a log of this between sessions. It is quite easy to "forget" a good combination of colours during a cup of tea or a good nights sleep!

Even my own attempts at designing my own blocks were added to the book.

Seasonal research for special blocks have been added, for future use as well as for this Quilting Bee.

Then take the inspiration and sketch, or is that scribble, some of my own ideas until I get something that I like. I then take these ideas and progress these on to patterns. templates to pin and cut the fabric with.

The next page?



gtlady said...

Absolutely loved looking at your sketch book, I love seeing how different peoples thought processes work. I try to keep my ideas and bits in one book, indeed I have several books for this, but I still tend to jot/sketch them on random bits of paper that I loose...you have inspired me to get organised!

Ally Johnston said...

I think the journal is such a great idea. I love writing down and keping track of the ideas that pop into our heads. And what great fun to look back on and enjoy all over again as it provokes memories.

Dionne said...

Oh look at that, you have my little house tutorial in your journal! I really LOVE that block.
This post is very inspirational, I think I would really enjoy a quilting journal.

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