Friday, 4 March 2011

Bead-azzled Bracelet

On our way back from Derbyshire we stopped off in Bristol to visit IKEA, Toysrus and Hobby Craft.
I was looking for wool, Sock Monkey ideas as I would like to try these with the new Year 9 groups in September and the felt.

I then stumbled on an item above in the beading section which got me really quite excited.
Do you have any idea what it might be?

I knew at home that I had a collection of wooden beads which I had not been able to find a use for that I was happy with. So I picked out a shade of blue which I thought I would wear a lot and arranged them on the table in a order that I was happy with. Mixing large and small beads together, with the largest one in the middle.
Then I carefully threaded them on to the bangle. The bit I liked the best was that the ball on the end unscrews!!! Yes, I nearly screeched with joy when I saw this and Sophie asked what I was so happy about. When she too looked at the bangle she soon piped up with "Mummy you have some big beads at home don't you?" Oh yes indeed I do sweetie pie.
What I also like about this is that I can change and swap the beads around as and when I feel like it. It cost about £3.00 but it was the fact that I could use some beads that I had had in a jar for some time.
So you might be able to imagine the reaction when I found that they had a necklace version as well!!!
Costing £5.00.
Laid out the beads on the table in the same way then threaded them on to the necklace and then screwed the end back on to secure the beads.
So I end up with a very distinctive set using beads that I already had. I shall have lots of fun with these, changing the beads, finding or making more to use on these metal rings. This is really the only items that I bought from Hobby Craft, although we did find some bits and pieces to start planning Sophie's Easter Hat for school.

I have since worn these twice to work with much oohing and aaahing in admiration. I am a very happy bunny!

Have a good weekend.



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Brilliant, lovely colours too.
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