Saturday, 26 March 2011

Growing your own.....

We emptied out our compost after nearly to years and it is sure good stuff! We topped up the raised beds and around the cabbages which you can see above.
We bought a few of these bags which we tried for the first time last year. This time we have planted some seed potatoes and we are quite hopeful that we may get something as we like eating spud s in any form, chipped, mashed, roasted etc.

I pruned my blackberry bush, not really knowing what I was doing so I was relieved when I found this flower beginning to bud.
I have only had this bush two years so not much has happened so far but it is also still alive, so I can see a plus there.
Underneath our cloches we have have added some of our compost and are thinking of what to put here. Any ideas?

I do need to buy another basil plant, as we use this herb a lot and it needed replacing. In the front are some sprouting broccoli.
After several false starts and near death my Magnolia has come into bloom this week. Last year just as it did this we had terrible rain and winds which reduced it back to sticks again. So I thought I would get it on camera this time.

Whilst looking at the magnolia I saw that my apple trees which grow along the fences are also shooting out and buds are forming as shown above. I am really pleased about this. I had such a lot of apples these apparently little trees and hopefully this shows that it was not a fluke. They taste much better than shop bought!

I found this today, could not resist, should make the gardening a bit brighter too.
I need to look to the hanging baskets next, they have been filled with some of the lovely compost, I just need to get the plants.
Take care all and happy weekend


Carol said...

Sow some carrots, they love a deep bed (later cover with fleece to keep away the dreaded carrot fly).
Start sowing spring onions, lettuce , beetroot etc. (I had better stop there or you will need more cloches!)
Your garden is looking lovely, nothing like growing your own fruit and vegetables and they'll love your homemade compost.
The Spring sun has been wonderful but today - it has disappeared and we are back to cool and cloudy weather.
Carol xx

Barbara said...

I love the looks of the plants you've already gotten planted. More basil definitely, how about cilantro? Let some bolt and save the seeds or resow. I love cilantro and add it to the homemade salsa that I make with our homegrown tomatoes. Are you going to be growing any tomatoes? yummy from the garden.

Hugs XX

Cozy in Texas said...

Looks like you're on your way. I sifted my compost last week-end. It always amazes me what rich soil comes out of that mess.

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