Friday, 4 February 2011

Valentine Cards

It is that time of year again when hearts and lots of red starts to appear everywhere.
Ihave made another batch of cards to be taken into work and the above card has already sold! (Wish the same could be said for my Etsy Shop)

I made a couple of hand stitched cards too. I would have liked to have made more, but time ran out.

A mixture of card and ribbon on this card. This year I decided to go for bright colours because the way things are at the moment I think we could all do with cheering up a little.

Just a couple of long thin cards with a pink and purple feel rather than red.

I think that I made about 15 in total and left them in my pigeon hole in the staff room until next Monday. I know have some birthday cards to do then I think I might start to think about Easter.

Have a good weekend!

Thank you all for visiting this week, there are some new countries on my hit list.



Kitty said...

They are lovely - I haven't made a card in years ... I need to remedy that :) x

Tatkis said...

Such beautiful cards, Andrea! Great work!

Best wishes,

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