Thursday, 3 February 2011

Recycled Flannel into make up Pads

I saw this originally on Craftzine. I like to try and reuse items wherever I can and the chance to buy less "stuff" is always a bonus. So here is a very short tutorial that is my version of making washable and re-useable makeup and nail varnish remover pads.

We have had so many flannels given to us over the years as presents that I felt that I could sacrifice these to see what I could make.

I cut off all of the thick edges that would make the pads difficult to sew together.

I cut some bright cotton fabric (Left over from making my i-touch case) to the same size.

Then, with right sides together I stitched them leaving an opening for turning.

Having turned then through and lightly ironed them, I then increased the length of the stitch and top stitched all the way around the edge. This also closed up the opening.

I then decided to make some with flannel on both sides so that I have a clean side per eye or I could clean more nails. This was a little harder going and I did not top stitch these. I also zig zagged along the open edge due to the thickness. They may give off "bits" for a bit but we shall see.

So, I have four pads which could do about 6 goes and I still have the other flannel to cut up. I am definately going to give these a go as I am finding that cotton wool, even for taking make up off, is quite rough. I did buy some from the baby section in my supermarket but still it seemed a bit harsh underneath my eyes.

Many thanks for the comments for the Harpers post, there are more pictures to come.


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Brynwood Needleworks said...

Great idea, Andrea! I decided to get away from paper napkins and have switched over to all cloth napkins now. I'm so glad I did it. Paper napkins were a waste and so expensive! I'm having fun making more...along with matching placemats. I'll be trying your idea soon, too.
Hope you're well, my friend.

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