Monday, 17 January 2011

Seed Sketch Book - Final pages.

Nearly finished the SEED sketchbook.
I was given a lovely birthday card at Christmas with a dandelion image and this set off another few pages.
It is a pity that blogger just would not let me put the picture the right way round!!
Anyway, above I used watercolour paints, fine line pen and some coloured pencils.
The above picture shows the cards at the top and then my ideas underneath. I intended on having this picture t open my post but you would need to lie down to view it, well maybe you are anyway. I hope you can still see what I was trying to do. I think that I may revisit this picture too.

This section of the book shows some pictures that I took out and about last September and on the left is a picture which I printed onto photo paper and then with a fine black pen extended it out from the photo and onto the background page which has a green and yellow water colour wash background.

Close up of my drawing.
The side view of the sketchbook looks quite interesting too, don't you think?

I can now concentrate on my new sketchbook challenge and we will soon move into February where we will get a new theme. I would like to try and add another couple of pages to my "Highly Prized" pages before that if I can.

However, my SEED sketchbook is now a closed book.

Hopefully it will go on display along with everyone elses with the Embroiderers Guild branch that I try and attend during the year. I will let you know what happens with that .

More tomorrow as I want to try and do some work tonight and leave the weekend a bit clear. I think hubby is flying off somewhere else again on Sunday.

Keep warm as it is literally freezing here in Cornwall, trust me, I have just grabbed a bag of stuff out of the car and it is all jammed up already!!



val said...

I just love this post. Actually dandelions are one of my favourite flowers, this is very inspiring and makes me want to start a sketch book of my own. After all, there would only be me who knew what things were meant to be like, so there is no pressure really is there? Perhaps one day a month or two from now, my blog will have my sketch book!
I have enjoyed my time with this evening very much, thank you :0)
Val xx

pinkfluffywarrior said...

I really enjoyed looking at your sketchbook, I love the blues and greens you have used. I wish I could draw/paint, my talent ends at stick men lol!

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