Saturday, 4 December 2010

Scarf addiction

I have been at it again!
This yarn is similar to the Can Can yarn, but is called Flamenco wool. The photo is a bit bright, it is actually a deep wine colour, lovely!
The actual frill is not quite as wide as the CanCan wool.

I really love this colour and I am tempted to keep this one but I have some more wool to make another one, so this will be listed with a nicer picture. I am going to try again tomorrow but today it has been dull and raining, it is just not going quite my way with photos at the moment.

These scarves are very soft an flexible. What I also did was made a skinny scarf version with some wool which was left over which I have been wearing indoors, a bit like a necklace if you like. Has been commented on too. It just looks nice and a bit interesting without looking odd.

The weather has been very cold indeed, where I live the snow has been very localised and where I live has missed out completely, much to my daughter's disappointment!

I do now of at least someone who is not too bothered by the cold weather..... long as there is a regular meal and a nice warm place to sleep!

Keep warm



MelMel said...


Barbara said...

Just beautiful! I love the frills.

Hugs XX

Molly said...

Everything you make is so pretty but this takes the cake!! I don't know about the original color but the color that turned out in the photo is just beautiful. If it needs a home.....I never beat my crochet, sometimes it beats me though!!

Warm Hugs,

wonderwoman said...

your scarf looks lovely and such a gorgeous colour. We've had a fair bit of snow and ice and am well fed up with it now!!


Lynn said...

I love the scarf! Would love to make it. The color is just yummy!

Gracie said...

I have been looking over your blog and just wanted to leave you a note to tell you what exceptional talent I think you have. Keep up the creativity, and thanks for sharing!

--Gracie from Imagine That

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