Sunday, 26 December 2010

Quilted Gift Revealed

I was asked by my Mum to make a couple of cushion covers in pastel colours to go on her new sofa. Discussing this over the phone you always hope that your idea of pastel is the same as the other persons!

Using my favourite quilt block book I decided on the design above and used four fabrics.

I backed the front design with some thin wadding and did a little quilting on the front panel to give a bit of paddedness. I then added a zip at the back with some white fabric which has a white on white floral design on it.
I then tested it on various cushions in my house for fit. It measures the right size but you always have that element of doubt when the cushions that they have to fit are over 500 miles!
I enjoyed making these and due to work and illness these turned out to be the only handmade gifts from me this year. I hope to change that in 2011 by starting some Valentine and Easter items in the New Year.
This afternoon we are going to see some friends for a bit to eat and some chat. Hope you all had a great day yesterday and many thanks to those of you who visited over the past few days as well.
Take care and keep warm.

1 comment:

Cozy in Texas said...

Beautiful work as always.

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