Friday, 24 December 2010

Birthday Time ....again.

I really do not know where the past year has gone. it was my birthday yesterday and a year since we spent my 40th in Florence Italy. So this year I have now started the slippery slope to my 50th yipee but I think that will be the last time I shall worry about it until it arrives!
So, yesterday was a slow start with Christmas tea from Whittard's, in bed and unwrapping presents. Sophie loves this bit and really has to contain herself even if it is someone else's birthday.
I need to finish my current read because this was one of my pressies..........
Just when I think that I have read everything by this author, another book appears so this will be next on my reading pile.
I also received some lovely fabric, Cath Kidston and some buttons too.

Two very different designs here.

The flash has affected to colours a bit here but these are Cath Kidston fabrics that you may recognise. The buttons are in the centre. The ribbon came with the parcel and some others. Purple has featured highly this year! I shall now have to think carefully about what I shall make with these.
In the afternoon it was off the see Sleeping Beauty at the Hall for Cornwall which was very good. It was a last minute idea as Sophie and I are having trouble shaking off our colds and I have been left with a chesty cough. I did manage to keep it under control during the performance.

It was a good performance and Sophie really enjoyed it especially some of the slap stick fun which reminded me of Laurel and Hardy. But then many youngsters will not have seen that type of humour before, all harmless mime stuff.

Next off for a quick bit of shopping and I mean quick, then some light dinner at an Italian restaurant then home for birthday cupcakes.........
I used my usual mixture in large cupcake cases. I added a bit of fruit to keep it a bit festive, when you have a birthday this close to Christmas it is best not to try and fight it! I found some paper cupcake covers in black and white.

I have seen tutorials for making these and down loadable PDF's as well. after I had bought these, typical. I also found some edible flower petals which I thought would make a nice change. Sophie was not too keen on these. I also bought some wafer flowers, shown here in the centre, now I was not too keen on those!

We then spent the rest of the evening teaching Sophie how to play Monopoly. This game was suspended and shall resume again tonight after dinner. She is a fast learner and giving us all a run for our money. We like traditional sit-down TV off type of family games like these.

So, there goes another birthday with lovely pressies, a fun day out and a warm fire to come back to. Can not complain at all.

Visited Lanhydrock this afternoon and got out of the car to sheet ice for much of the walk to the main house. Took if very carefully and soon came home, it is blooming cold. I did take a few pictures with my new little camera, but more on that another time.

Have a great Christmas and keep warm.



Lucy said...

Happy birthday! I wish people would buy me fabric as gifts - you lucky girl! Those cupcakes are fabulous too, can't believe you made them yourself! xx

Josie said...

Happy Birthday and happy christmas!
Josie x

Chocolate Cat said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday! Glad you had a great day, sounded like lots of fun. Those cupcakes looked yummy!

wonderwoman said...

a very happy birthday!!! I have that book and its lovely!


Tatkis said...

Happy birthday Andrea! The presents are lovely and your day was full - it's always nice :)
May your wishes come true!


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