Monday, 1 November 2010

Corsage Galore

Just before half term my new year 10 group had fun making some corsages using recycled fabric. I tried this project last year and it went down well.

One or two were not sure to start with, but once they got going discussion of what they could do with the flowers and how they could be taken further soon started!

When I grouped all of their work on the front of a spare cushion pad to give another idea of how they could be used, the screeches of excitment was so great I thought that I was going to have to get the first aider in! To round it all off, several blog site addresses to look at and further excited discussion as to what they might make over half term. This is why I do this job!!! Roll on Friday, we are making Monster softies, can't wait!!!!!



clare's craftroom said...

That's so great to hear how enthusiastic they are , good for you !

Bluebell said...

They look absolutely gorgeous on that cushion, what a lovely idea it must be very rewarding when they enjoy something so much. Well Done!

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