Saturday, 16 October 2010

Lets go Fly a Kite...........

A couple of weeks ago we invited Year 6 in to school and this year I decided to make paper kites. We only had 45 minutes and three groups to see.

There are many tutorials on the Internet to make these little paper kites but I made this years ago as a little introduction project to get to know my new tutor group. I can not remember where I got the idea in the first place but it went down really well.

They were put on display for parents to see in the evening and then collected to go home.

Those not collected were packaged up and taken to the schools by the Liaison teacher.

Hope to see them all again next September!



Jill Eudaly said...

I've been a big Martha Stewart fan for years. The cakes are over the top. cute kites. i bet it was fun.

creation said...

hi ,
these kites are just too cute ,
it reminds me of my childhood and teen time when i use to make lots of kites and fly them too , even manged to sale some to my playmates as wel .
i am rachana , one among your followers , plaes do visit me some times .
happy weekend

Joanna said...

i can safely say that my eldest would be BEYOND excitement to make kites at school. Well donexx

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Kite making is such a fun project. Love how creative your students were.

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