Sunday, 24 October 2010

Latest Christmas Block

This is the latest block for the Around the World Christmas Quilting Bee. I sent it off ages ago as I have been trying to collect a series of pictures together, otherwise I end up with so many picture files.

It is a poinsettia which I found at free quilting patterns dot com. There is a printable pattern to be found there.

This particular block is sewn on using applique. It went quite well for the first attempt and the colours went well with the original block.

There has been a massive gap of time since then, with no sign of another quilt coming through. seeing as it is half-term this week I really hoped that something would arrive.

I saw the other day that it is about 60 days until Christmas, I can not see this challenge finishing in time, but you never know.

Take care


1 comment:

trash said...

Never mind if we don't finish in time, there will be another Christmas next year.

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