Sunday, 10 October 2010

Interlaced Star Quilt Block

I decided to have another try at the interlaced star block and this time use a different proportion of colours. It turned out completely different!
With this block you definitely need to sew it all in the right order otherwise you end up in dreadful pickle and have to unpick it start again.
I have started the next one ( I had three quilts all turn up at the same time) and this time it will be more applique based to try and achieve another effect.
Just a quick post today as a friend bought round loads of fruit and veg from her veg patch as a gift and a thank you and I need sort it all out before it spoils. I think that my neighbour will also be receiving some so as not to waste it. More there than we first thought. Very generous indeed.
I have also signed up for a Christmas Craft Fair in late November and making items for it has been difficult to do as the work load for the day job has been really heavy these past 5 weeks. I seem to have spent very little time at home.
Anyway, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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