Thursday, 12 August 2010

Holiday1: Clergyman's House, Alfriston, Sussex

This was in fact the very first property obtained by the National trust in 1896.
This house is 14th century and is called a 'hall house'. It is a thatched, timber-framed house with lovely gardens. The allotment section is certainly worth a visit on its own.
We have visited several times before when coming to Seaford and there is something new to see each time. On this visit there were two ladies showing visitors how to spin sheep's wool into yarn. They asked Sophie if she would like to have a go and after a rather shy reluctance (shy? Sophie? Not really anyway....). Sophie had seen one at the Royal Cornwall Show in June and named it straight away hence the offer to actually use the spinning!! Gosh if only I was cute and 7 again!!

After Sophie had finished the lady gave her the wool that she had spun plus a bit more to look at at home. I have some hand spindles at school and I shall borrow one so Sophie can finish making her yarn.
That was not all.........................
she also had the chance to make some sheep with more of the sheep fleece. The head and legs are made out black pipe cleaners and then a long length of fleece is then wrapped around the pipe cleaner frame until it if fully covered and you have a nice plump sheep. A little less fleece and you end up with a lamb. Such a simple but clever idea.
The two ladies asked Sophie what she would call the sheep ( Minty came to mind but I kept it to myself!) and she said I do not know. Gone all shy again.
I am never disappointed by the enthusiasm that fellow textile/ crafters have and their keenness to pass on information and encouragement to have a go.
What with out visit to Coldharbour Mill, The Royal Cornwall Show and now Alfriston, it has been a very Woolly year so far!!
We had a lovely day out and meet some lovely people to boot.
Just as we were leaving a lady in the shop asked Sophie if they liked to grow things, so a quick run down was given about the veg patch etc. She then gave Sophie some seed packets, as we were walking to the car the spinning lady gave Sophie another lamb model and said what a lovely girl she was.
OOOOh another Mummy moment whilst glowing with pride!
P.S Many thanks for the lovely comments and emails about my Quilt Block book. I shall show it to you once it has arrived.

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Jill Eudaly said...

what a fab day you two had.

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