Friday, 20 August 2010

French Cakes

Whilst in Seaford my sister-in-law popped over to France for a few days. During those few days Sophie spoke to her on the mobile and together they hatched a plan for a special tea party.
The cakes above came from a very special patisserie and they really were far too pretty to cut up and eat, but somehow we managed it.
On your left is a strawberry blamonge (spellcheker could not help with this word), style cake which was excellent. In the middle is a special chocolate cake with chocolate shavings on top and some red berries. It is quite rich and Sophie could not manage all of it so shared it with me. On your right is another strawberry flavoured cake with a mousse topping and a spongy style base. it is actually difficult to describe just how lovely the taste of these cakes are.
On the top layer of the stand are different flavoured cakes which are a bit like chewy meringue.
On the bottom layer we had some savoury items for the chaps who do not have sweet teeth like us girlie's. There was a pastry with scallopes and prawns inside, also a mini salmon terrin, and a special pork pie style slice. To finish were a selection of mini savoury sausages. We also added some homemade bread sticks and dips.

Sophie and my sister-in-law spent much time making the table look lovely, complete with special cups and plates. Plus a flowery table cloth from a charity shop.

This was a real surprise and a lovely way to bring a piece of their French trip back with them.
The icing on the cake, if you like, was the when Sophie was given the cake stand to use for her birthday in November.
My cupcakes will not be up to the standard of those shown here, but I shall do my best and the stand will help with the presentation.
A really lovely afternoon tea, brilliant idea.


Daisie said...

Spellcheck won't work as it's a french word 'bancmange', white eat, which I've never ubderstood as it's usually pink!

Teacher head off now!! Lovely tea party, so pretty!


Jill Eudaly said...

looks like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. i think I'll be baking today. I have not visited my garden in a few days. I found a huge zucchini, must weigh 3 pounds or more. All i can think to do with that much zucchini is to make zucchini bread and give a few loaves away. Not fond of baking so we will see...the zucchini may find its way on to a neighbors porch! drop it off and run!

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