Sunday, 29 August 2010

Beaded Bag Treasure

You may remember earlier in the week I showed you the beaded wedding gift I had made for my friend at work. Well this one is the very first one that I created ages ago!
It is made out of reddy/bronzey coloured beads with a glitzy organza lining which has a bit of a ripple texture to it.

Handmade cord with a bit of gold thread running through it added to the effect. I was not able to make cord for the pink wedding bag as I could not find the right colour. Odd really as I thought pink was really in for everything at the moment.

It has the same drawstring fastening but the lining fabric makes this bit more loose than the pink version. So in a way the pink one was more successful.
Making the wedding gift has re-lighted my fun for making these and I have plans to make a bigger version. I have some of the beads already, and I thought a lovely shimmering blue version.....perhaps Indigo Blue!
Many thanks for the support over the photo situation. I am looking into adding a watermark for pictures and I have been looking at how to do that today. Have a good week.

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