Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Poor Toffy..............

We took both cats to the vet today. Tiger needed his annual booster and worming etc. I think the vet thought that a 16 year old cat was not going to put up much resistance. After a bit of a tussle and a bleeding finger (The vet's that is) he now thinks differently and was surprised at how quick Tiger was. When he took a hold of Tiger's scruff I said to Hubby that it would not be enough to keep Tiger still and it was not. The worm tablet really annoyed him so he got back into his cat box quite happily. The claw clipping will have to wait for another time. He is a big old cat and does not like being man-handled!
Moving onto Toffy............he has conjunctivitis (sorry if that is not spelt right, but I could not find a dictionary), worms , and more worrying Cat Flu. The eyes and worms are being sorted out. Some antibiotics given, some similar to one we would have as well! He is going back on Friday to see what happens next. He sat beautifully in his box on my lap in the car and was very good about it all, (except that worm tablet again!). Due to this, he has not been given his jabs and can not be until the flu has gone. So, as it stands at the moment we will not be going to my sister-in -laws as Toffy can not go in a Cattery.
We borrowed a cat box,so that had to be fully sterilised and wash all of the bedding for both cats.
The difficult bit was trying to explain to a 7 year old what Cat Flu is and the two possible outcomes that could happen. Her bottom lip trembled but she held onto to it and made a fuss of Toffy whilst waiting for dinner to be made! A tough Mummy moment.
The vet is hoping that Toffy will be able to fight the virus himself as he is young but we shall have to see what happens.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

I hope Toffy makes a full recovery...along with the vet! ;-)
Being a loving pet owner is never an easy road, especially when we have to explain things to children, too.

Bagladee said...

Big hugs to toffy, hope he makes a full recovery...he looks like a right little scamp. And hugs to you and the little'un for being brave. xx

trash said...

Tough Mummy moment indeed. Get better soon Toffy, you have the whole innernets cheering you on.

inkberryblue said...

Toffy is so sweet! I hope he gets better really quickly. Kittens are such delicate little things.
(My first cat was called Toffee. I loved him to bits and he treated me with haughty disdain ~ he only liked my mum!)

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