Friday, 30 July 2010

Final Quilt Block

Here, I think, is my last offering for Round 1 of the Quilting Bee that I have been working with for the past 14 months. The overall quilt still has another one or two people to see yet, but for me I think I am done. This block is mainly applique of which I am much more experienced in. It goes along with much of the previous work that has already been done. This is the second outing for my "Birdie" and it will not be the last either.
My quilt arrived at the same time as this quilt and I have been really good and not looked at it until I had completed my share of two other quilts. However, I am now free to work on my own quilt, but guess what? Yep, I am off to my sister-in-laws for a week instead. However I do have plenty of time to look for sashing fabric. So more on that another time. I am also up to date with my Christmas Bee work as well.
Sophie and I were very lucky to spend much of today on Bude beach while hubby went off and carried out a boat survey slightly further up the beach. In 3 years this is the first time that we have managed to co-ordinate like this. i am really waiting for the phone call asking for a boat survey in the Bahamas or the Med!! What do you reckon my chances are?
Great weather this week for the beginning of the Summer Holidays, lets hope it stays with us too.


wonderwoman said...

lovely block and i can't wait to see what your quilt looks like!!


creation said...

Hi There,
I found your bolg and loved going thru ,having peep into your creative side.
and loved it enough to find myself becoming a follower too.
visit me some times .

Fenland Textile Studio said...


I love this block and the bird, the tree fabric looks fantastic. What's the weather like your way? We are off the Devon next week. Angela

Jill Eudaly said...

love the mod tree and bird.

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