Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Crochet Rainbow Blanket

I have been a regular visitor over at Attic 24 and recently and Lucy has been coming up with a Granny blanket idea which enables you to create rows rather than going round in a square!
I had a go at the sample that Lucy suggested should be tried first.
Guess what? I manged to get it to work first time.

I then got some wool from the local market and together with lots that I had left over from my "Never ending knitted Blanket" (remember that?) I made my 240 chain to have a go at the real thing.
Again the important first row went perfectly and I have not looked back so far.
The picture above shows about 45 rows, so I have a little way to go.

Sorry, this picture has rotated somehow, never mind. Anyway, here is a close up of the blanket so far. it has been really good fun having something to simply pick up and do in front of the TV. I bought a bit more wool today, only 55p a ball, to add to what I already have and I hope to have it finished by next weekend.

YIPEEE!!! It is summer time!

We broke up for the summer today and I am really looking forward to getting my sanity back. I have unloaded a boot full of work to do before September and I am going into work tomorrow to do jobs that simply can not be done during term time, such as displays and sorting out cupboards etc. I may go in on Friday as well, depending on how much I get done tomorrow. A lot of long standing staff retired today so going back in September will be very weird not to have them there. So a few tears were flying around.

Toffy Update:

Toffy is 4 weeks old in this picture ahhhh!

We went again to the Vet on Monday and Toffy has had a little more medicine. He is not getting any worse, his eye has cleared up and he is eating well, running around that a mad cat and annoying Tiger a little. But he will not stop sneezing!! If this continues it will damage his nose lining and then he is at risk for secondary infections, could damage his nose permanently and will always be a cat that sneezes! I had no idea that cats nose were so at risk like this. If he does not stop sneezing he will never be accepted at a cattery. My in-laws have offered to look after him so that we can go away and Tiger will go into the Cattery for his Hols. We have become very attached to Toffy and he is sneezing much much less but we are not sure how much longer this is going to go on for.

I am off for an early night knowing that do not have to stay up marking etc tonight!!



wonderwoman said...

your blanket is looking lovely - i hope little puss is better soon.


becky said...

Your granny blanket is coming along quite nicely! And so glad to here the kitten is doing better!

Chocolate Cat said...

Love the blanket! Enjoy your summer break.

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Love the quilt, think I might make that my summer project. Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy the holidys.

inkberryblue said...

Happy holidays! I've nearly come to the end of my first week of term and I am soooooooo tired ~ it takes a while to get back into routine. Your blanket looks very pretty! Glad that sweet little Toffy is getting better. =)

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