Tuesday, 8 June 2010

'Sew Hip' hip hip hooray!!

A few weeks ago you may remember that I was working on a secret project. I had emailed Sew Hip asking them if they would like some article ideas. I did not expect to hear anything, so you can imagine how pleased I was when I got a reply email.
I submitted a couple of ideas and they chose this one.

My pink needle case is featured on the contents page. With Julia's help from Gone to Earth I decided to use Amy Butler fabric.
Some very stylish photography (not mine). I actually made the needle case which is featured in the magazine and it has since been returned to me. This will form my Summer Giveaway at the end of the month.
The idea is based on a mathematical theory which was shown to me by a friend ages ago. I dare say it you google this idea there will be loads of info on it, but no, I have not tried that. I have made several needle cases this way and even worked on other items using this idea. I have had a few emails saying that they have seen the article and I have found some new blog friends. Another blogger who bought the magazine got in touch and created the needle case below:
Her name is Alison and she can be found at Faerynuff. This picture has been put on the "Sew Hip" Facebook area. I was really chuffed when people got in contact and said they they saw the article and really liked the idea. It made me feel all tingly. Anyway, enough of that.
If anyone else has had a go at my needle case featured in issue 18 of 'Sew Hip' then please do email me a picture and I will feature it here.
I really enjoyed the whole process and having a deadline to work to, hopefully I will be able to do another one in the future.


Lesley's Creations said...

What a pretty little needle case. Congratulations on the magazine article. Well done! Lesley x

Josie said...

that's great news, well done!
Josie x

maria said...

Congratulations. I bet you're pleased you decided to e-mail the magazine. Great choice of fabric for the needle case it really gives it movement.

twiggypeasticks said...

Brilliant, well done you.
twiggy x

Barbara said...

Congratulations on the article! The sewing case is just lovely and I really like it.

Hugs XX

clare's craftroom said...

Way to go ! Gorgeous work , congratulations!

Daisie said...

Congratulations, off to get my copy now....

Jill Eudaly said...

congratulations, very nice work.

Faerynuff said...

Thank you for sharing the needlecase I made from your pattern. The directions were really clear and I made it in about 45 minutes. I was desperate to make it but didn't have any suitable felt so I used cream fleece instead.

I must spend some time updating my blog tomorrow now you've linked to it!

Ali x

picperfic said...

I saw the needle case in the Magazine and immediately wanted to make it, my daughter (faerynuff)and I have definitely got the same tastes! I still haven't made mine though, I really need a needle case too as I lose my sewing needles in my pin cushion and finding them is a painful business :^/

picciolo said...

well done, it looks great!
: )

wonderwoman said...

Fantastic!!! well done you - it looks brilliant.


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