Saturday, 8 May 2010

Grow your own....

During the Easter holidays we decided to convert part of the back garden into a little veg patch. We have been thinking about this since last summer after my success with some salad bits and having visited by Sister-in Law's allotment in Seaford. We really needed to wait until now due to other commitments. This is on the right hand side of the house and gets sun light but not too much.

These beds are already raised so we did not want to make them any higher. Hubby used the leftovers from making the decking last summer. Yes, last summer, where has the time gone! We made them to fit in the gap and to fit the cloches that we bought from a local garden centre. This cloche has radishes, tomato plants, some garlic just outside the cloches and various herbs behind it, plus carrots.

This cloche has some french beans (which are not doing very much at the moment) and of course my winning salads that you can see in the picture. This photo is about two weeks old so they are much bigger than this. Not long to go before Sophie can pick her own salad. Sophie really enjoyed being able to do that last year. Behind these cloches running along the fence is my blackberry bush which is doing very nicely and has survived my amateur pruning. Not killed it yet! My loganberry which I thought I had sacrificed for the fencing last year has re-sprouting in another part of the garden so my luck is in. I have had that plant for over 10 years and I have always got a lot of fruit from it. It just pops up where it feels like.

My apple trees are doing really well this year. Last year they tried to blossom but the wind and rain had other ideas. This is just one section of one tree and all four look like this, so hopefully we will get more than one apple this year. It certainly looks very pretty anyway.

This clematis is something of a drama. It has had to be moved twice and 'died' three other times! However, I have somehow managed to bring it back from the brink (one incident was due to hubby giving it the wrong plant food- he is not allowed to touch it anymore!) and I am delighted that it is covered in lots and lots of buds!!

I am going to take some up-dated pictures tomorrow of the garden, it has been raining today, the veg needs it though.

I have got one batch of exam marking done, one more big batch to do by Monday.



Barbara said...

Great job on the gardening! We have raised gardens also and have many things planted. We started a strawberry patch last year in two raised boxes. We didn't get very many berries last year but this year Woo Hoo!, we're gonna pick berries tomorrow.

quiltygal said...

Wow Im impressed, gardening as well, my garden is like a waste land what with water restrictions & heat if it doesnt survive on its own its too bad !! thanks for the nice words about my quilt but honestly its the easiest pattern out go to Bonnies site & see just strips & squares

silverpebble said...

Ooh your little veg patch is perfect - so neat and very tantalising. Show us more!

Jennie said...

Looks really good. My other half just made me a bed out of left over decking lol. I hope it produces lovely things for you to eat xxx

Anonymous said...

Your garden is coming along very well. The apple blossom is gorgeous.
Nothing like the taste of fresh salad from the garden.

Shirl x

picciolo said...

your garden is looking great! Goo luck with all your vegetables
: )

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