Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Crochet Spring/Summer cushion

I have wanted to have a go at crocheting a cushion cover ever since seeing some lovely examples over at Attic24.

I used some lovely wool that I had left over from other projects plus some 100 cotton wool that I normally use for making dish cloths.

So over several weeks I have been making lots of squares, so I have been fulfilling my 20 minutes of crafting a day pledge.I am trying to keep up this pledge but often forget to post about it.

I calculated the size and how many I would need then stitched them together. A little wonky around the edges because the cotton behaved differently to the other wool.

I wanted to keep the colour light and summery.

I decided to make the other side of the cushion different, sort of two cushions in one. This enabled me to use up some more wool and by this time most of the white wool had been used up.

I crocheted the front and the back together using some purple wool, leaving a gap to put the cushion pad in and then crochet up the gap. I then decided that the edge needed a little something so I did some picot stitch using some other white wool. I think that you can see the edging in the picture.

This is the biggest crochet item that I have made and guess what? I still have some wool left.



Gina said...

The finished item looks lovely. Very spring-like.

Tatkis said...

Oh, your pillow looks so bright and fresh! Wonderful!

wonderwoman said...

what a lovely cushion and gorgeous edging!


AZBelle (Sandy) said...

I love how your pillow turned out.. such bright and pretty colors too! What a great stash buster idea.

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