Monday, 8 March 2010

Packaging gone silly!!!!!

The above parcel arrived for my dear hubby week before last.
Seems quite interesting and a basic normal cardboard box.

Opened the box and took out the stuffing etc to find the little black box at the bottom! What do you think it is?

This little black cube is a relay to operate the indicators on a peugeot car!!
A very important gizmo to make your car legal, but reeeaallyyy! DID THE BOX HAVE TO BE THAT BIG!
So much for reducing packaging to help the environment. Also, if the government brings a rubbish tax into effect and this happens again, then we will be sending the item back and they can dispose of the daft packaging instead of us.
Mad or what?
It did make us laugh and I had a tough time explaining why the box was so big to a seven year old who has been encouraged to not be wasteful. Hmmmm!
Hope your week has started off well.
PS Craft Fayre was small but good. Much better than the one I attended two years ago and I have signed up for another in May and July.


Melanie said...

I used to be in charge of freight for sending parts and if my storeman had have sent such a ridiculously large box I would have been furious because of the postage cost and in business that outweighs everything regardless of "green" talks. Lets hope whoever packed that learns to be more efficient for every ones sake.

wonderwoman said...

i cannot believe the size of that package - what a ridiculous thing to do!
So glad your craft fair went well!


Louise said...

I would have thought a Jiffy Bag would have been more suitable! x

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