Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Recycled Duvet -OPAM 2010 - February Finishes

The Valentine Cards featured on a previous post were one of my February finishes as were these Pyjama trousers.....

I used this pattern again as the wrap around skirt in the past and it went together really easily and my students wanted to make these trousers too.

I managed to find a duvet with an all over pattern last October when I went to visit my sister in law.

The main problem with commercial patterns is that the sizing's are very general and do not always fit very well. If you embark on a project knowing this then you will not be disappointed. This syle is so simple it should not cause a problem and the skirts have darts which enabled me to get a more personalised fit.
I have PJ trousers which range from a size 10 to others being a 14. I did make a toile of this pattern before making these which may seem a bit daft for a recycling project but I can keep that toile at work for next year. So I made a size 12 this time and it is a little generous but for this type of garment I think it is suitable.
The waistband has been elasticated and a fake tie has been stitched to the centre front. I needed to adapt this pattern to work with a group in a classroom.

They fit well over the bottom and I did have to take the legs up quite a bit but as the legs are pretty straight that did not cause a problem when getting it to lie flat for sewing. I over-locked the hem edge first then just turned them up 1.5cm.

I would definitely make more of these and next time I think some cotton fabric to make some casual trousers for the summer. I do not like and I am too old for hipster trousers so these will do me just fine.

Since finishing these I have found yet another nice duvet cover and pillow cases. I think that I shall think of another use for those. This really has been a very good pattern and the long wrap around skirt may well feature later in the year.

Any final interest in the ATC swap ladies? Tomorrow is the sign up deadline and I am two short still to make it go ahead.

Take care all.

Will post my knitting project tomorrow as I have yet to upload the pictures. I am secretly really pleased with it and my hubby was quite impressed too.



Fenland Textile Studio said...

WHat a simple pattern. I need to hit John Lewis to get some for a group of Year 9's I have been asked to teach after Easter. I have been told they need to make an item of clothing!! I also need to plan a quick project for A'level textile students I will be teaching on Friday at the QG AGM.
If the ATC swap is just making six then count me in.
Hugs Angela

Indigo Blue said...

I will email you about the ATC swap. This pattern has been well worth the money. I am sure that I shall use it many more times too.

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