Thursday, 18 February 2010

Do you ever get the feeling......

...that you really should not have started something!
On Tuesday Sophie and I decided to spring clean her play house. A friend of hers is coming for a sleep over on Saturday and they often like to use the playhouse, even if it is raining.

Now, when Sophie was given this cooker for her birthday one year it came with about 30 bits and pieces. However, it did not stop there and that year she recieved loads of kitchen and cooking bits and once washed it filled the drainer sink!

It took ages to wipe and dry each piece and Sophie made several trips to the play house it bring it all in-doors.

There was a box with some art stuff in it and her Early Learning Centre cooker with pots and pans etc. it filled to top of the cooker (it was swithced off by the way!).

I think that if it is not in this colourful pile then it has not yet been invented!

It did make a very colourful display. Some odd bits have been thrown away and it was all put back on or in the cooker. The play house is now ready for use! Job done.



clare's craftroom said...

Those sort of jobs just seem to snowball don't they . I hope Sophie has fun with her friend .

twiggypeasticks said...

I was GOING to sort out Twiglets numerous toy boxes during the half term but can't face it :) do you want to come and help ??
Twiggy x

Indigo Blue said...

I would Twiggy but since Thursday lunch time I have been in excruciting pain with pulled stomach muscles. Due to clenaing? I reckon so!!

picciolo said...

oh no, I really need to do the same with Hollys playhouse, I'm dreading it even more now - we've got some of the same kitchen utensils!
: )

Molly said...

Heck ladies, I don't clean my own house, so clean a playhouse? No thanks, I'm too lazy 8>)

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