Friday, 5 February 2010

Blue WOW Bag

Took quite a while to make this bag but I enjoyed every minute if it. Blue has become my favourite colour over the years. I used lovely thick Sirdar WOW wool which is no longer available, which is such a pity as it is great to knit with and is such a lovely deep blue. Darker than the picture suggests even though it was taken outside, wierd that.

Making an organza corsage with a brooch back added to the fun and I think finished of the design. It is attached using a brooch pin so it can be removed and put on a coat if you wish.

I do not like Nylon lining, even for clothes, I much prefer cotton. So this bag is lined with dark blue cotton. The bag is very spacious inside and the lining will support the contents so that the knitted fabric will not be stretched and mis-shapened.

May be one of the draw backs with this wool was that it was quite expensive at the time but certainly well worth it and it is such as lovely texture to work with.

It has just been added to my Etsy shop and if you live in the UK it could just get to you by Valentines Day, special occasion or a treat for yourself.. Why am I am not keeping it? Well, the aim part for me is the fun in making something to my own design and my hubby would say have I have enough bags already, bless him. In fact I have already started another one! Cream this time.

Hope you have a great weekend. As for me I intend to try and get some sleep and hope that my developing cold like symptoms are just my imagination! Here's hoping anyway.

Take care all xx

PS Many thanks for your comments on the last post. Lovely to read and some new followers too. On my way to gaining a 100 fancy that.


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