Saturday, 23 January 2010

Knitting Club- Finshed Work

Just before Christmas my small knitting club which meets after school finished some of their projects.
A knitted candy holder to hang from a Christmas tree.
A pig finger puppet to go with the elephant that was made a few weeks prior.

The first garment, a skinny scarf which she cast on, knitted and cast off all by herself!

A work in progress: Knitted little squares with perfect tension which are being added to. Not sure if this is going to be a bag or a blanket. She is still deciding. All of the students are in Year 7. Went to IKEA in Bristol today to take back some unwanted kitchen bits which we did not need and to buy some dividers for drawers and some shelving etc. Took Sophie to Toys-r-us to spend a bit of her Christmas money and by the time I got to Hobby craft it was shut. That is the third time on the trot. I have either not had time, the queue to get in was horrendous or I needed to get to an appointment on time and could not risk being late. Oh well fourth time lucky maybe? More kitchen news tomorrow. We have nearly finished. Bit tired, so off tomy bed.
Take care all.


Fenland Textile Studio said...

You must be really proud of your knitters. I have enjoyed reading about your holiday too. Fingers crossed that Hobby Craft is open next time you visit.

Kitty said...

I think you need to do a solo trip to Hobbycraft, just Hobbycraft; nowhere else!

Those knitting projects are great. I got to look at some GCSE textile coursework last week - so impressed, and I thought of you.


Indigo Blue said...

Good Kitty,
just that being 2 hours away I need to justify going but hubby felt sorry for me so there is hope.

picciolo said...

I hope it is fourth time lucky for you! Your knitters are good!
: )

MarmaladeRose said...

Your knitters have done really well. Judging by your beautiful patchwork knit blanket, they have a fantastic teacher.

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